The Significance of a Dojo

 The Significance of a Dojo

The Significance of a Dojo

Dojos are spaces shared by a variety of martial arts schools including judo, karate, kendo, aikido and kyudo. Dojos function and have a special place in the development of martial artists.

A place of learning

In Japanese ‘dojo’ means ‘a place where we train in the way’. This signifies two things, first that a dojo is a place of learning which teaches and practices a discipline. Secondly, it is a place of embodied knowledge that allows people to actively train in what is being taught until they come to embody this same knowledge.

A place of respect

All training that takes place within a dojo is respectful and considered. It is traditional to bow before entering a dojo, before a class begins and when it finishes. Bowing is also a way to show respect to your fellow students and of course your sensei. It is a way of acknowledging the place you learn and those who teach you.

A place of commitment

Dojos are open almost every day and give martial artists a place to train, teach, learn and grow. When you begin karate, you commit to your dojo and the people who share the space with you. By committing to your dojo, you are also committing to yourself, your training and your relationships with others.

A place of reflection

ToyaKan Higashi Karate Club has two magnificent dojos located here on the Gold Coast. Our Helensvale dojo is proudly known as the largest traditional Japanese Karate School in Australia. Built with both form and function in mind, we can facilitate multiple classes at once and regularly host karate tournament. We also have a smaller Southport dojo to cater to our growing number of students. Contact us today to organise a tour.