Having studied traditional karate when younger I was looking for an organization with the same core values. While searching for karate online I found there were many dojos around but not many teaching a traditional style. That was until I came across Toyakan Higashi Karate. From the moment I walked through the dojo doors I knew this was the place I had been looking for. An absolutely amazing traditional looking dojo teaching traditional karate. Initially I was just looking to be a good role model for my daughter and teach her about hard work and achieving goals but it has become so much more. My passion for karate has been reignited. All of my family now do karate and it is something great that we can share together. The instructors are of an extremely high calibre and classes are challenging but fun. I am hopeful of achieving a goal of mine and grade to black belt in December this year. We love being part of the club, are very happy and have met some wonderful people.

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Before my amazing journey began , I was an overweight kid who would get bullied about my weight and eyebrows, I was far from fit and I wasn’t happy with myself. My parent influenced me to do a sport so I chose Karate, it was the best decision of my life it physically and mentally changed me, it made me fitter and happier about myself. The bulling stopped and I was a new person but something was missing so I joined a new program called the leadership team and my confidents grew enormously. As a black belt now I love to teach my achievement is to be a good role model to others who look up to me.

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Joshua Evans

When I first started martial arts it was at a different club and I didn’t like it there because they never took it seriously and it was no fun. After I didn’t think about karate until 2010 when I went to Britain and I thought about martial arts again I got so interested in doing it again. When I came back from the UK I started looking for a karate club that was better then the last one I went to and I found Toyakan Higashi karate club. After being there for a couple of lessons I loved it and over the 4 years I’ve been there I’ve won trophies and medals and even trained with the Queensland team. But the main thing I enjoyed about karate was that I made new friends, getting to teach the kids and that’s how I got my confidence through. At my 4th year being there I got my black belt. I have brilliant friends and a great social life.

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Fraser aged 15

My name is Sarah i am a 31 year old proud mum of two boys. When i first entered the club it was for my 6 year old son Henry. Watching him meeting new friends & loving his classes & seeing the great change it made on him really made me want to join in. But me a very shy scared person at times even to scared to say a word without going bright red & having such a lack of confidence even sometimes to the point instead of walking i felt i was crawling. But i made myself join the club as i knew it had so much to offer me. I will cut it short & just say how happy i am that i did join. Not only can i walk with my head held high , but i can have a conversation without being read faced maybe just a little shade of pink now. Also my fitness levels have dramatically increased, Not to mention the amazing happy impacted its had on my personal life & the decisions i make. I take Karate very seriously, but filled with joy how its touching my body & soul it has given my mind “peace & harmony ” not only the confidence to protect myself but also to like myself. Also was filled with joy to be able to be apart of the leadership team, Now i can watch & help people just like Toya Kan & Kancho helped me. I want to see the other students feel the same happiness & confidence in them selves as i do now & continue to do in my journey. I want everyone to know & love Toya Kan Higashi karate club because they have something for everyone no matter your size.
So ” Thank you ” Kancho Paul butterfield Shirene butterfield sensei Lewis Butterfield my leadership friends & friends for helping me be a better me one that doesn’t have to be scared anymore.

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Sarah Terrell :) Mum & Student

Returning to training after a long layoff was a daunting decision. Toyakan Karate Club has not only offered me instruction of a world class level, but it has also offered me friendships and sense of pride I did not expect. Like anything in life “you get out what you put in” and this clearly applies to joining Toyakan. Training Karate not only trains you physically but, more importantly in my opinion, it trains you mentally. In todays world being able to “leave your day at the dojo door” is important for physical and mental wellbeing. I am very fortunate to be a part of the Leadership and Instructor program within Toyakan. I have personally grown from a confidence level, as well as thoroughly enjoyed learning from what I believe to be the most professional, knowledgable and dedicated Sensei I have met, Kancho Paul Butterfield. His level of pride in what he has created, as well as the level of professionalism in how he approaches his teaching is something I admire, and will hopefully pass down to students when I achieve the title of Sensei.

The organisation is not a belt/rank focussed club but an ability focus. Many clubs hand out belts to keep student numbers up, but Toyakan seeks to produce high quality, knowledgable and respected Karate Students that they can be proud of.

I am proud to say that my son and I are members of Toyakan Higashi Karate Club and we look forward to continuing the journey.

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Rory dad & Student

My son started training at Toyakan Higashi Karate a year ago. Since the day he set foot on the Dojo mat he has loved the training. It is more than just the karate though, it has everything to do with the club. The level of Instructor is World Class with British and Australian Champion, Sensei Lewis Butterfield (3rd Dan) and Ex Head Australian Coach, Kancho Paul Butterfield (5th Dan), heading up the leadership. It is a privilege to see my son being trained by them .

The dojo is very traditional with respect being at the forefront of what the students learn. Troy has become more focussed and confident both in the dojo as well as in School, and at home. The variation of training techniques from Kata to Kumite, to Defense, to Khion to knife defense and anti-bullying ensure that the students are constantly engaged and learning, practising and understanding what is required to be a good Karate Student. He looks forward to every session at the Dojo and has his eye on one day becoming a Sempai (Junior Block Belt leader) in the future.

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I joined Karate looking for something that would challenge my mind and body. At the start it was difficult to wrap my head around things, it seemed impossible but with the help of everyone there I got through it all within a matter of weeks. It then became fun I enjoyed every minute of it. I then joined the leadership team to try and broaden my experiences of karate and get even more from it, this was one of the best decisions I ever made. When I joined I quickly made stronger bonds with all of the other junior leaders and that lead to them becoming some of my best friends. The enjoyment of practicing karate but also with my new found friends just made everything better. Karate has given my new confidence with everyday things and has also helped me get fitter.

When I joined the leadership team I learnt that I could give something back, help and teach some of the younger ones and this made karate even better, I never thought at one stage that it was like a chore, something that I had to do it was always something that I wanted to do, it was fun. My karate journey started with me joining a club but it’s become so much more, now I’m part of a karate family and I don’t what I’d be doing now without my karate family.

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Steve (aged 16)