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November 3, 2015
Karate School - Gold Coast -Traditional studie

My son started training at Toyakan Higashi Karate a year ago. Since the day he set foot on the Dojo mat he has loved the training. It is more than just the karate though, it has everything to do with the club. The level of Instructor is World Class with British and Australian Champion, Sensei Lewis Butterfield (3rd Dan) and Ex Head Australian Coach, Kancho Paul Butterfield (5th Dan), heading up the leadership. It is a privilege to see my son being trained by them .

The dojo is very traditional with respect being at the forefront of what the students learn. Troy has become more focussed and confident both in the dojo as well as in School, and at home. The variation of training techniques from Kata to Kumite, to Defense, to Khion to knife defense and anti-bullying ensure that the students are constantly engaged and learning, practising and understanding what is required to be a good Karate Student. He looks forward to every session at the Dojo and has his eye on one day becoming a Sempai (Junior Block Belt leader) in the future.

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