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Sarah Terrell :) Mum & Student

November 4, 2015
Karate School - Gold Coast - Sarah

My name is Sarah iam a 31 year old proud mum of two boys. When i first entered the club it was for my 6 year old son Henry. Watching him meeting new friends & loving his classes & seeing the great change it made on him really made me want to join in. But me a very shy scared person at times even to scared to say a word without going bright red & having such a lack of confidence even sometimes to the point instead of walking i felt i was crawling. But i made myself join the club as i knew it had so much to offer me. I will cut it short & just say how happy iam that i did join. Not only can i walk with my head held high , but i can have a conversation with out being read faced maybe just a little shade of pink now. Also my fitness levels have dramatically increased, Not to mention the amazing happy impacted its had on my personal life & the decisions i make. I take Karate very seriously, but filled with joy how its touching my body & soul it has given my mind “peace & harmony ” not only the confidence to protect myself but also to like myself. Also was filled with joy to be able to be apart of the leadership team, Now i can watch & help people just like Toya Kan & Kancho helped me. I want to see the other students feel the same happiness & confidence in them selves as i do now & continue to do in my journey. I want everyone to know & love Toya Kan Higashi karate club because they have something for everyone no matter your size.
So ” Thank you ” Kancho Paul butterfield Shirene butterfield sensei Lewis Butterfield my leadership friends & friends for helping me be a better me one that doesn’t have to be scared anymore.

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