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Fraser aged 15

November 4, 2015
Karate School - Gold Coast - Fraser

When I first started martial arts it was at a different club and I didn’t like it there because they never took it seriously and it was no fun. After I didn’t think about karate until 2010 when I went to Britain and I thought about martial arts again I got so interested in doing it again. When I came back from the UK I started looking for a karate club that was better then the last one I went to and I found Toyakan Higashi karate club. After being there for a couple of lessons I loved it and over the 4 years I’ve been there I’ve won trophies and medals and even trained with the Queensland team. But the main thing I enjoyed about karate was that I made new friends, getting to teach the kids and that’s how I got my confidence through. At my 4th year being there I got my black belt. I have brilliant friends and a great social life.

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