How Old Is Too Old- Is There an Age Limit to Martial Arts?

 How Old Is Too Old- Is There an Age Limit to Martial Arts?

How Old Is Too Old- Is There an Age Limit to Martial Arts?

While there are lots of older martial arts masters, you don’t often see older beginners. While it may be true that more people take up martial arts in their youth, there are many people that take up martial arts after having a mid-life revelation or realisation. Here are some reasons that martial arts are just as good for the mature aged.

Keep fit

As you get older, staying fit and healthy becomes increasingly difficult. Martial arts lessons are a great way to get in your physical exercise in a fun and creative way. Better yet, martial arts such as karate help you burn fat and lose weight fast.

Relieve tension and stress

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed in our day to day lives. Martial arts can help quiet the mind and relieve stress, while giving you a physical outlet for negative energy. Through relaxing and stretching exercises, such as those taught in karate, you may also experience pain relief in your back and neck.


As you age you feel an increasing need to care for yourself and the ones around you. Martial arts classes will give you skills you need to defend yourself and others if you are faced with an unavoidable confrontation.

At ToyaKan Higashi Karate Club, we pride ourselves on teaching students of all ages and ability levels. The truth is, you’re never too old to start learning martial arts. If you have the drive, passion and commitment, you can develop and grow at the same rate as a child or teen.

Of course, for those over 60, there may be some physical limitations that you need to be mindful of, but if your doctors give you the okay, you are more than welcome at our karate school! To find out more about our Gold Coast dojos, give us a call. We offer both karate classes and kobudo weaponry courses.