Martial Arts Training: The Importance of Repetition

 Martial Arts Training: The Importance of Repetition

Martial Arts Training: The Importance of Repetition

Many people think of repetition as a bad thing, but repetition is an essential part of mastering any art form, including martial arts. In this blog we will explain why repetition is so important when you are learning martial arts.

Memory and muscle memory

All martial arts have specific moves that typify the art style. Whether it is kicks, punches or blocks, these moves need to be remembered by your brain and muscles. Through the process of repetition, these movements are burned into the neural-pathways of the brain and solidified as muscle memory.


In martial arts, the more you practice a move, the faster and more accurate you will get at performing this move. Once a technique is embedded in the mind and body you can improve your fast-twitch muscles by executing these movement at increasing speed and intensity.


As the martial arts are physical pursuits, your will need practice and repetition to carry out these movements without draining yourself. When you first begin training, you will experience muscle fatigue and exhaustion. As you continue to train, you will be able to train, harder and longer.

Form and stance

All martial arts rely on correct form and strong stance. To perform kicks, punches and evasive manoeuvres, you need to perfect your angles and positioning. Through repetition you will learn to move economically to use the least amount of energy to execute moves. After a while, a strong stance will become second nature.

Repetition is one of the major pillars of martial arts practice. At Toyakan Higashi Karate Club, our karate lessons use repetition to train the body and mind to execute techniques efficiently and spontaneously. If you want to join one of our Gold Coast dojos, call us today.