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Kids Martial Arts - Gold Coast - Self confidence

Teach Your 6 to 17 Year old kid valuable life skills that will give them an
incredible boost for the rest of their lives

Are you looking for something on the Gold Coast that your kids can do that they will enjoy, and at the same time they will learn life lessons that can empower them to become the confident, well adjusted, self-disciplined person they are destined to be? Kids Martial Arts is definitely the sport to choose!
Children really thrive in the positive environment provided in our martial arts dojo, and as well as having karate lessons, they are also taught the values of respect, patience, goal setting, resilience and discipline. With tools like these, your child cannot help but succeed in anything they put their mind to. Kids Martial Arts classes will change your child for the better, and as a parent, how could you ask for more!

To best way to help you understand the full benefits that kid’s martial arts classes can have, let me tell you the stories of four types of children that we have seen walk through the doors of our Gold Coast martial arts dojo time and time again.
You may see your child mirrored in one or more of these kids, and you will then be able to understand the type of transformation you can expect from letting your child become part of our Gold Coast kid’s martial arts program.

Parents Say Within a Few Weeks they See:

  • Sustained Focus and Concentration
  • Improved Patience and Self Discipline
  • Increased Fitness and Stamina
  • Soaring Confidence and Self Esteem
Kids Martial Arts - Gold Coast - Self confidence

Kid’s karate lessons and martial arts training can help with:


Jack always seems to be in a world of his own! He is always being told to do the same thing over and over and over again, until his parents finally either yell at him or just give up and do the chore themselves. Even if it’s a chore he enjoys, like bathing his dog, Jack just seems to ignore everyone and everything. IF ONLY he would do as he was told, our house would be peaceful!


Daniel enjoys school, and has lots of friends. His parents always dread the parent/teacher interviews though, because they know what his teacher will say:
“Daniel just cannot sit still, and maybe medication would help. Yes, his grades are good, he has no problem there, but he has become the class clown! Daniel just needs to focus on the task at hand and stop running around disrupting the class.”


David is that average, easy going child that never has an issue with school or friends. He is intelligent, but has no real passion to succeed at anything he does. His grades are ok, but could be much better if he would focus on his lessons and make time to study at home. He just seems to be the type of child that is happy to float through life without many cares, and without any goals or passions.


Bully’s love to pick on smaller kids who don’t fight back and Rachel was always having her lunch money taken off her, and she was being pushed around and intimidated almost daily by the school bully. She hated school and her grades were starting to suffer. Her parents were at their wit’s end. Rachel was a well behaved, loving child, but she lacked the confidence to stand up to the bully herself and her parents had done all they could to make the bullying stop.

Kids Martial Arts - Gold Coast - Self confidence

If you can see similar behavioural traits in your child, then help is at hand! Let your child begin karate lessons with our Gold Coast martial arts team and these are some of the changes you can expect:


Our Gold Coast Martial Arts training will teach your child to LISTEN.
You will notice that your child will begin to look you in the eyes when you speak to them. They will be taught to do this during their karate lessons to show that they are listening and they are paying attention to what is being said. You, and your child’s teachers, will begin to see an improvement at home and at school as well. Your child will listen to instructions, and begin to do the tasks required the very first time you ask them to!

Yes, you may think it is nothing short of a miracle, but it is all part of our kid’s martial arts training. You see, Karate requires some basic rules to be followed, and one of these rules your child will learn is the importance of listening to instruction and completing the task when they are asked.
But please don’t think that our kid’s karate lessons are too strict or that we bully your child into submission. Inside our karate school you will see children learning self-discipline through the behaviour of their peers. They are never belittled or yelled at if they don’t comply, they are trained in a positive setting where their accomplishments and steps are praised and acknowledged. Very simply, they see their peers doing it, and they see the positive reinforcement of their behaviour and the results they achieve because they comply. Very soon, your child will be sitting up and paying attention along with their new friends in the karate class – because they want to, and they enjoy the success and respect it brings them.
The next step will be noticing that your child now does this at home! Listening and following instructions and directions – Yes – it is still your child, we haven’t swapped them with another more docile or better behaved version. I am always having parents come up to me in our Gold Coast dojo to thank me for the changes they are seeing in their child.
Some changes you can expect to see with our Gold Coast Kid’s Martial Arts Training are:


Martial Arts and karate training teaches children to do one thing at a time. This repetitive training can assist with ADD symptoms by ensuring your child learns how to focus, for longer periods over time. Our kid’s karate lessons training is aimed specifically at your child and we will patiently increase the amount of time they are expected to focus until finally they can focus for a whole activity or lesson. This learned behaviour in their karate lessons will then begin to spill out into their home life, and you will suddenly realise that your child now seems to be able to focus. They can sit and do their homework, they are happy to assist you for longer than a minute or two; they are able to focus clearly on the task at hand without boredom or becoming fidgety so quickly.


Kid’s karate lessons and martial arts training will teach your child the importance of goal setting, and accomplishing their set goals. When they realise their ability to achieve goals, and they understand the fulfilment and respect they receive by accomplishing their goals, you will see them become more ambitious and passionate about improvement.
It has been shown that children with martial arts training usually gain more from their education and are more successful later in life.


When your child meets that school yard bully now, there will be no lack of confidence and no backing down. Kid’s karate lessons will teach your child self-respect, and they will now have the confidence to look the bully right in the eyes, and stand up for themselves. Most of us will realise that a typical bully is really a coward, and when their victim stands up confidently to them, they will back down and leave them alone, and if they don’t – your child now has the ability to defend themselves. Therefore, no more bullying problems and your child will get back on track.


Along with the internal benefits, kid’s karate lessons are also a fantastic form of exercise that your child will love! The kids are active the whole time they are training, and they enjoy what they do. They are never pushed beyond their physical abilities, they are encouraged to do their best – there is a big difference!

Kid’s Martial Arts Training will increase your child’s self-worth, as well as their energy, their focus, and their physical ability.

If you are looking for a sport or team activity that will bring out the best in your child, call our office today! The word of mouth referrals are spreading like crazy, so don’t wait too long to book your child in! Take action NOW!

Your kid can Do It!

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