Keeping the Focus On: Teaching Martial Arts to Kids

 Keeping the Focus On: Teaching Martial Arts to Kids

Keeping the Focus On: Teaching Martial Arts to Kids

One of the largest concerns that parents have about their children is their lack of focus. They dread parent/teacher interviews because they know what they are going to hear. “They cannot sit still. They get good grades, but they love playing the class clown or distracting others. If they could just focus on the task at hand they would be far more successful”. If you are concerned about your child’s lack of focus, then why not consider karate classes with the Toyakan Higashi Karate Club.

Structure and routine

Martial arts are built around structure and routine. Each lesson, your child will need to perform the same skills and techniques to master their movements. To improve their technique and achieve higher ranks, your child will need to focus and commit.

Guidance and support

Our martial arts instructors are trained to give children the guidance and support they need to grow and learn. Both our Gold Coast dojos provide safe and supportive environments which foster focus and determination in children of all abilities.

Incremental development

At Toyakan Higashi Karate Club we teach children to focus on one thing at a time. Each lesson, our patient instructors will increase the amount of time they are required to focus, until eventually they can focus for an entire activity or lesson. This focus will begin to take hold in other aspects of their lives including, school and study, homelife and other extracurricular activities.

At Toyakan Higashi Karate Club, we offer martial arts training for children aged 6 to 17. In just a matter of weeks, parents say that they can see changes in their children, including sustained focus and concentration, improved patience and self-discipline and soaring self-confidence. If you want to know more about our Gold Coast karate classes, call us today.