Karate 101: The White Belt Basics

 Karate 101: The White Belt Basics

Karate 101: The White Belt Basics

When you begin your karate training, you will be taught basic strikes, basic blocks, basic kicks and basic stances. While you will continue to practice these karate techniques right up until you are a black belt, it is essential you understand the basic to create the foundation of your training.
But not so fast! Before you begin learning these techniques, you need to prepare your body and mind for your training. So, if you are considering donning a white belt, check out these essential white belt basics.

Practice mindfulness

A big part of karate is mindfulness. You need to learn to focus your thoughts and energy on the here and now, so you can concentrate on your training. To prepare for this you can get started on your own. Practice a mantra by repeating a phrase in the back of your mind to help focus. Learn to control the barrage of thoughts that fill your mind and allow them to come and go.

Learn to control your breathing

Controlled and regulated breathing is essential for building focus and sustained exercise. Practice by laying on the floor, knees slightly bent and hands lightly lying on your stomach. Take deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth. Try to hold the breath as long as possible for each inhale. Eventually this style of breathing will become second nature.

Build upper arm and chest strength

To help you with holding stances, kicks and strikes, you should consider building up your upper arm and chest strength. The best way to do this is with push-ups. If you have poor upper arm strength start with 5 push-ups a day and then increase the number of push-ups you do week by week.
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