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Darren Haidley reviewed Toyakan International Karate Organisation
via Facebook

Max had the best birthday ever. Thank you for a great party.

Josip Brkic reviewed Toyakan International Karate Organisation
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Excellent karate club, great discipline and great at teaching the craft of karate. Highly recommended.

Liam Paling reviewed Toyakan International Karate Organisation
via Facebook

Great club family friendly
Fitness fun and friendships made

Tracy Anthony reviewed Toyakan International Karate Organisation
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Amazing family friendly club where everyone is welcomed and encouraged to be the best they can be by the wonderful and patient teachers.

Jess Harvey reviewed Toyakan International Karate Organisation
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Very friendly, inclusive and professional. Our 5year old has loved his first year! Well priced, great team, discipline is great, firm but fair, great for our boy!

Mandy Tifaga reviewed Toyakan International Karate Organisation
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My Son has been attending this club for 1 year now , I have seen and observed such amazing changes, with not only his attitude towards School but his determination and focus on other tasks we set for him and goals .He really enjoys the different number of training activity’s that are on different nights and the one on one help from the experienced instructors, He’s learning serval different techniques on different nights and learning to work with others in small groups or in pairs . He’s achieved a lot in a small time but I’m excited to see the growth in years to come ...If you’re child is wanting to try something different I’d highly recommend giving this club a go ...

Dulcinea Hernandez Brown reviewed Toyakan International Karate Organisation
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The best Karate club ! Our son loves it.. the teachers are fabulous . Every class is different it’s not just about Karate moves it’s also about respect and discipline.

Aleshia Tucker reviewed Toyakan International Karate Organisation
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Toyakan has been such an exhilarating experience for my daughter. It has helped her grow into an amazing confident small person. The staff hold the highest levels of professionalism whilst remaining friendly and comforting. The club has a real family orientated vibe about it. They teach more than just karate, the children learn morals, responsibility and life lessons to help them in the real world. They learn to be kind and strong.
We love Toyakan

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Fostering a positive mindset

Fostering a Positive Growth Mindset
We all love to see our kids excel in everything they do.There is no doubt that when kids finallynail their form, or fly across the mat and break a board; everyone involved shares a sense of accomplishment.
BUT it is only a matter of time before our ninjas come across something thatchallenges them. Before we go any further, let’s agree that challenges are good things!
If you are never challenged then either you aren’t working hard enough, or you’re not growing.Both of those are opposite concepts in relation to martial arts. From rank to rank, everything gets harder because being a Martial Artist is about growth and being better than you were theday before.Getting 1% better every day makes you 365% better by the end of the year!
As adults, we understand this but for children this can be a little more difficult for them to wraptheir heads around. Here is a quick list ofthings you can do or say to build a positive growthmindset!
1) How does this make you feel?
Often times when our children are challenged or stumbled they feel disappointed in the factthateither they let you down, or theylet themselves down. It is important to allow them totake the time to process their feelings and to not use blanket statements like “you will be ok” or“get back on that horse”. Those statements would be better used after they are able to processtheir emotions.
2) Hug it outWhen you are kids are feeling upset, they are experiencing a major dose of cortisol (stresshormone). A nice hug will help trigger the release of oxytocin (connection chemical) and willhelp reducethe level of cortisol in their system. Even a high five can help, try using the “uphigh, down low, too slow” approach for added smiles!
3) Come up with a planOnce we work past the initial emotional downswing, resolve to set a plan to help overcomewhatever the challenge was. A great way to go about this is toset goals! When doing so startsmall and break the main goal down into smaller, easily digestible that are more attainable.Once you develop some momentum, then raise the bar and make your goals just a little bitharder. Keep doing this until you have overcome the initial challenge.
4) Focus on growthSome things are extremely difficult, and everyone has a different experience. What may behard for your child, may be easy for another and vice versa. The goal here is to help our ninjas be focused on their own personal growth and not get lost comparing themselves to others.Remind them that what matters is that they give 100% and at the end of the day, YOU will beproud of them for that!

Using thesetips will help provide your ninja with a sense of confidence and self-esteem whenthey face a challenge on the mat or in life. Remember to be consistent because developing apositive inner voice will begin with YOU. If you are able to foster a positive growth mindset onthe outside, this will become their inner voice that will stay with them for a VERY long time!