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ToyaKan International Karate Organisation Board of Members


Paul Butterfield 5th Dan Kancho 館長

World President Toyakan International Karate organisation


Chief Instructor Toyakan Wado Ryu


Karate School - Gold Coast - Dan Kancho


Lewis Butterfield 4th Dan Sensei 先生

Associate Vice President Australia

Associate Sport Development Officer 東輻館国際空手協会


Dear Sensei’s,

Are you a traditional Wado Ryu Martial arts club with no home?

Do you lack the ability to be affiliated to major organisations?

We can help

We belong to some of the world’s largest traditional karate organisations Including the WKF.

We also have a full affiliation to Japan and Okinawa.

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to join Toya Kan International Karate Organisation.


The TKO is a non political Martial Arts Organization comprised of some of the most influential Masters of Martial Arts living today.

We are made up of over 97 clubs around the world through our own affiliations.

The TKO was formed in order to break down the political barriers between systems and to join together as one to help bring back the traditionalism, power, and charisma that the traditional martial arts deserves.

The TKO is fast growing into one of the largest Martial Arts organizations in the world due to its strength in unity and recognition of each other.

We don’t get involved with internal politics of other organisations or dojo’s that are part of the TKO.

The TKO does not do Grading s unless requested, however, we do underwrite its member’s existing grades and Dan’s providing proof is supplied by way of certification from the applying instructor’s club.

All new Grading’s will then be supplied by TKO whereupon we will provide licence books. Traditional certificates for its newest members. These will be fully certified by our chief Instructor and be held on our International Data base for both WKF and Japan.

All certificates issued by the TKO are beautifully made and a small charge for issuing these certificates is applicable. Remember the TKO will only underwrite your current grade providing it can be verified by your style or organization. The charge for these certificates will be negotiated with the club owner dependent on its size.

The TKO Organization is a purely non political organization formed to create and help revive the esteem of traditional Martial Arts.

Each year we hold up to 3 tournaments for its members and there is also the opportunity for you to hold your own sanctioned tournaments.

There will be an opportunity each year to be formally invited into Okinawa to train with its masters.

So how do I benefit.

After 40 years of traditional karate i understand the difficulties and politics with belonging to a federation or organisation and we have done the hard work for you.

My own organisation and club have a direct lineage of only 3 sensei’s leading back to the founder of Karate Gichin Funakoshi This we are extremly proud of.

We can offer you the same.

As a TKO member you will have the ability to compete in the AKF or sanctioned tournaments. If you are overseas we can arrange induction into the correct federation.

You and your students will receive appropriate ranks & grade certificates which are internationally recognised with the back up of a strong traditional organisation.

We will not try to change your style, we will offer you a tried and tested Wado Ryu Syllabus from 4 years old.

We will ensure you have all the paperwork and certifications to back up your style and club.

Opportunities and assistance to hold your own tournaments fully sanctioned or attend our tournaments.

We will not charge you extortionate fees to become members we only wish to assist you in having a club that has international recognition.

Are you a new sensei ?

Then we can also offer you a tried and tested Syllabus/ 8 week cycle curriculum for your club, We can point you in the right direction of an affordable website provider,


Then complete the fields to your right and we will contact you to start the process.


Yours In Budo

Paul Butterfield Kancho 館長


Toya Kan International Karate Organization 東輻館国際空手協会


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