The Benefits of Preschool Karate

 The Benefits of Preschool Karate

The Benefits of Preschool Karate

At ages 4 and 5 (the pre-school years) children experience a huge range of developmental changes. At this stage, children are starting to socialise more and develop their independence. These years are critical for building self-discipline and self-confidence and karate is a great way of doing this. Through structured and supportive activities, preschool karate classes are available for children this age.


For most children, self-discipline does not come naturally. It’s something that needs to be taught and learned. The way that self-discipline is taught is crucial, as it will decide whether it becomes an intrinsic part of who they are, or simply rejected as another expectation. Through karate classes, pre-schoolers will slowly build self-discipline through fun class drills and group exercises, until they want to sit still, pay attention and focus.


Not only will karate teach your pre-schooler how to defend themselves physically, but also emotionally. Kids can be mean, and name-calling is unfortunately what many kids do. By attending karate classes your pre-schooler with become more confident and self-assured so that if someone says something negative to them or their friends, they can handle the situation calmly and without distress.


Trying new things takes a lot of courage and pre-school is a time of lots of new things. That’s why it’s such a great idea to build your child’s self-confidence during this time. With karate lessons they will experience a new journey, building their confidence and giving them the strength to pursue new opportunities both in and out of school.
Are you looking for pre-school karate classes on the Gold Coast? Contact Toyakan Higashi Karate Club today. Our classes foster essential skills, including: listening, working together, determination, and patience, while still honouring your young child’s feelings of independence.