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The Largest Traditional Japanese Karate School In Australia

 Karate School - Gold Coast - PreSchool

Pre School

To teach your child respect and discipline whilst keeping fit, choose a martial art that will stay with them a lifetime.

 Karate School - Gold Coast - Kids Martial

Kids Martial Arts

Let your child learn Self-discipline in a fun and empowering way

 Karate School - Gold Coast - Adult Martial Arts

Adult Martial Arts

Feel empowered, energised and ready to take on the world.

 Karate School - Gold Coast - Kobudo-Weaponry

Kobudo Weaponry

Designed for all fitness levels, this complete workout provides structure and fun.

 Karate School - Gold Coast - birthday

Birthday Parties

A birthday party with a kick! Have a celebration with a difference. Fuel their passion.

 Karate School - Gold Coast - birthday

Leadership Program

Your Child will Thrive with Our Leadership Program

 Karate School - Gold Coast - birthday

School-Based Apprenticeship

Are You Looking for a School-Based Apprenticeship with a Difference?

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What if your Child ACTUALLY WANTED to be more Fit, Confident and Disciplined?

Dear Parents,

Toyakan Higashi Karate Club at Helensvale on the Gold Coast is the largest traditional Japanese Karate School in Australia and boasts two highly qualified instructors: owner, Paul Butterfield and his son, Lewis Butterfield.

Paul Butterfield has been involved in martial arts for over thirty-eight years and has been teaching children Karate for a large portion of that time. He knows karate is a discipline that will continue to benefit to children outside the martial arts Dojo and has spent years honing his classes to focus on:

  • Confidence through learning new skills and understanding how to cope with different situations
  • Discipline through taking pride in obeying rules, acting responsibly and achieving one's goals
  • Motivation through a desire to achieve more than seems possible
  • Focus through goal setting, discipline and motivation

Our professional instructors use Paul's simple, effective 3 Step Success System in high-energy, engaging martial arts classes to instil these essential life skills.